Welcome to my world as a high energy, spunky, energetic, and purpose driven woman. I invite you to join my mission to maximize your potential daily despite any present obstacles you may be wrestling with. In my personal life and my professional career I am focused on the motto of AOTA, “Living Life to the Fullest.” I have seen God use my share of past painful sports injuries and other life experiences to show me that hope is always, always always one step away. Even in situations that seem insignificant, I know for a fact that all the little pieces form the framework of our journey as a people. Perspective matters because the lens you take on life will directly influence your action plan. It isn’t just your physicality that counts, but what also matters is your mentality. You carry melody in your words, rhythm in your feet, power in your posture and a warehouse of innovation in your brilliant mind.

Education and Professional Career:

  1. I am currently a college student at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, CA as a Kinesiology major. I will attain my Associates for transfer in Kinesiology following Spring semester of 2019.
  2. CSU: obtain my B.A. in Kinesiology to fulfill the undergraduate requirements for Occupational Therapy Doctorate Programs.
  3. The Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program at CSU Dominguez Hills or at the University of Southern California (USC) are my long-term focal points.
  4. To start my own clinical practice after working within the field and doing research for a period of time.

This Blog Focuses on my Passions:

Active Lifestyle Awareness:

“Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day;2 only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week.3″

*Sedentary living is harmful to our bodies that are designed to be mobile.* How I stay  physically and mentally fit:

  1. Long Distance Running (minimum 3 miles)
  2. Hiking
  3. Pilates
  4. Yoga
  5. Zumba
  6. Dance
  7. Swimming
  8. Contralateral exercises (exercises that cross the midline of the spine).
  9. Basketball
  10. Soccer

Health Advocate: To broaden my knowledge and expertise that relates to the medical field.

  1. Cooking healthy food
  2. Staying up to date on evidence Based practice research within the medical and concentrated Occupational Therapy journals.
  3. Learning about the anatomical and physiological systems within the human body.

Community Involvement : volunteering with nonprofit organizations

-Zoe International(link)

-Children’s Hunger Fund (link)

Special Needs and Mental Health

Evidence based practice research within the OT and health field as a whole.

Creative Outlets:

  1. Poetry
  2. the arts
  3. photography
  4. music

My Core Values and Convictions:

–  I am a Christ Follower who daily strives to live in love towards God, myself, and others around me. I am far from perfect but I serve a gracious holy God who is.  I continue to remain in awe of this truth that I am enough because my creator declares me as such. Blows me away.

I hope you enjoy your time in my cozy corner.  I promise to provide a space that encourages open-minded, loving, motivated, and relentless dreamers to expand their horizons.

Thank you for supporting my writing and being an important part within the jigsaw puzzle pieces of my life!!!

Feel free to reach out via email, in the comments or connect with me on instagram @shineon_gorgeous. I am excited to begin growing and learning together in our discussions. All love and light to my readers whom I can’t wait to come to know on a first name basis!!!

Lots of Love,

Rachel Larimer