Occupational Therapy: Fine Motor Skill Exercise

Many struggle with learning how to write with proper motor control form as a child, and later on even as an adult.  As I designed this exercise practice I was inspired to name it after the author J.K. Rowling.  If the famous Harry Potter series wand technique quote, “Swish and Flick”. 

Tools I reccomend:

-I use gel pens (Energel) to prevent excess pressure on my hand while writing. This utensil reduces stress from tight muscles as opposed to pencils and ball pens that require more leverage in the long-term.

– However you can use pencil grippers, or even use a hair tie wrapped around a pencil to increase your motor control with ball pens and pencils.

Step 1.The key is you must maintain a wand holding stance and flip it up.

Just imagine that you are Harry Potter it is all about visualization!!! Or if you are a Jedi me like me a Star wars lightsaber stance!

Practice drawing a heart in the air with your wand motor form, and maybe even the Disney Channel symbol.  (Just for giggles, but definitely make it fun!)

✩ In between step: 

The rock back is all about transition to your writing form.  Many forget that motor control is an exercise with repetitions daily practiced.  First secure that balance in your rock -back, so it is comfortable and firm yet without tension.

 Then you can go on to Step 2:

Get a GRIP on it!

 Adjust your index finger towards the front on the pencil supported with your thumb underneath.

Steps for this to go great :

-no tightness, stiffness, or cramping while writing.  If you feel it, you got to deal with it.  

A.  First roll out your wrist in circles to loosen up your muscles in fine motor control.

B. Putty, Slime, squish balls galore!  Strengthen your muscles overtime with practice.

C.  Take breaks when it cramps up y’all!

Just as mental breaks are key to improving your understanding of a topic; the same thing applies to your fine motor movements of your hand.  Be kind to yourself in the process!!!

I hope this helps anyone with fine motor difficulties in the area of handwriting!!!

Comment below or email me on my contact info listed on the about me section if you enjoyed this post!!!  God Bless!