A Fallen and Broken World

A Fallen and Broken World

“Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith.” 1 Pet. 5:8-9

I dedicate this post to the insecurities Satan uses against the Women of God daily to blow us down….

Yes I used to hate my hair ( I would brush it when I was younger until it was a matted straight  frizz gel stick texture and put a baseball cap on… I was so cute back then y’all wouldn’t believe it lol) ,  and today it remains a grace filled daily routine as I scrunch, moisturize, detangle , diffuse, steam, and at times embrace it’s beautiful chaos.

 Especially on hard days when my hair refuses to quiet down as much as I attempt to convince it. 

It’s a strong comparison to a never ending emptiness that is only filled by Christ.

But maybe we all do to God what I do to my kinky hair at times…

-We wrestle with trials simply to step back, and overlook God’s promises.

-We water down the Bible to make it comfortable for our daily lives.

-On “bad hair days,” we shove God under our hat thinking “I can control myself” as we go to college,  work, plug in our music playlist, and even walk in to that party… etc.

-We act on our own.


Adam and Eve hid from the reality of their fallen nature…..

But we can only run from truth so long before it hits us in our face.

The moment we remove our hat; we see the reflection of a fallen Saint.

We hurt with a broken spirit in a hurt and broken world.


But the one who is the CREATOR is also a HEALER.

So return to him and no longer live in fear of tomorrow. Live under the confidence of Christ’s promises.  Live free from all you are burdened from and hurt from.

Declare daily:

I am healed

I am restored

I am redeemed

I am free from my history, past, the opinions of man and my sin.



Learning is a Process

Learning is a Process

Life Lessons in My Sophomore year as a Kinesiology Major in Community College.

December 5, 2018 (Update: Just completed finals for Fall 2018 whoop-whoop!!!)

  1. Initiate Learning:  The human body is complex so don’t settle for taking a class and assume you know everything about it. Desire to learn more and grow beyond strictly being a student achieving a degree. In the long run that is what education is preparing you to be, an initiator, self starter, leader, researcher, detective and medical professional.  
  2. Inquire More: Ask questions, remain active through the expansion of learning new concepts and broaden your horizons.  First it shows your Professors/Mentors that you are humble and teachable as a new individual entering the field. Second it allows you to engage actively in the material, develop critical thinking skills, and become self confident in your own passion!!!
  3. Ignite your Why: As undergraduates the phrase is “oh this is just general education, so why try,” …. well is it really??  If this is irrelevant to your future then how do you expect to see long term progress from this basic level.  You must be a beginner in order to become a novice and then later on a PHD.  Every teacher was once taught by someone as knowledge is power, and when wielded is the strongest strategical base of support for your platform. “Start from the bottom, and you go 0 to 100 real quick.” (@Drake Reference)