Reflecting in this Holiday Season

Reflecting in this Holiday Season

I run to the attaining of knowledge as I enter Barnes and Noble. I find myself gravitating to the Medical Section with its anatomical diagrams and patient medical trials. I am inspired to learn more, discover more, and grow more in how the human body adapts to stimuli. I feel like I go through phases where so many questions pop into my head that I run out of room in my lined leaflet journals.

Why is the brain such a powerful tool that we still haven’t learned all its innards? What allows young people to develop social skills and communication in this highly electronic age? How do electronics change our brain chemistry? How can we create nerve grafts for individuals with paralysis? What causes cancerous tumors to develop in inoperable parts of the brain?

After all this is a good thing right? All these questions mean that my desire to deepen knowledge points to individual long term drive to become a strong leader in the medical sphere. All these questions are powerful things, that need to be ignited not stifled. Take your queries down on parchment and research with unbiased intentions to get to the bottom of the underlying topic. Remain consistent with your mind and how you cope with conflict. Ask questions all the time. Never stop. Never settle.

Ask :

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

Its the 6 lines that you learn in primary school as you scratch out your creative stories. These basics must follow us into our new phases of life.

Who is the demographic this disease impacts?

What does this mean for their long term likelihood and wellbeing?

When is recovery initiated by the lymphatic system of the body?

Where can we improve immunodeficiency in these individuals following radiation and chemo therapy?

Why are these individuals at risk for developing the signs and symptoms reflective of their diagnosis?

How should we introduce therapeutic intervention to help these clients fully recover from Cancer?

Questions 1-5 pointed to the diagnosis without mentioning the term. Why did I include this in my reflection? I did so to support my claim that medical doctors and health professionals need to be aware of how small details produce a big picture outlook on a patient’s diagnosis. If we remain distant from our patient during an evaluation we become a dangerous risk to the health of the individual within our care. That’s my why, even as I am still in college I know awareness to details produces a stronger outlook on life than those who live skimming over pages in their studies. Remember these things. Remain hungry. Realize the big picture. Relish in your never ending optimism.

A Fallen and Broken World

A Fallen and Broken World

“Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith.” 1 Pet. 5:8-9

I dedicate this post to the insecurities Satan uses against the Women of God daily to blow us down….

Yes I used to hate my hair ( I would brush it when I was younger until it was a matted straight  frizz gel stick texture and put a baseball cap on… I was so cute back then y’all wouldn’t believe it lol) ,  and today it remains a grace filled daily routine as I scrunch, moisturize, detangle , diffuse, steam, and at times embrace it’s beautiful chaos.

 Especially on hard days when my hair refuses to quiet down as much as I attempt to convince it. 

It’s a strong comparison to a never ending emptiness that is only filled by Christ.

But maybe we all do to God what I do to my kinky hair at times…

-We wrestle with trials simply to step back, and overlook God’s promises.

-We water down the Bible to make it comfortable for our daily lives.

-On “bad hair days,” we shove God under our hat thinking “I can control myself” as we go to college,  work, plug in our music playlist, and even walk in to that party… etc.

-We act on our own.


Adam and Eve hid from the reality of their fallen nature…..

But we can only run from truth so long before it hits us in our face.

The moment we remove our hat; we see the reflection of a fallen Saint.

We hurt with a broken spirit in a hurt and broken world.


But the one who is the CREATOR is also a HEALER.

So return to him and no longer live in fear of tomorrow. Live under the confidence of Christ’s promises.  Live free from all you are burdened from and hurt from.

Declare daily:

I am healed

I am restored

I am redeemed

I am free from my history, past, the opinions of man and my sin.